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Tis the "kitten season", a time when the reproductive cycle of intact females kicks into gear and we see a drastic increase in our stray cat population. Spay/neuter efforts also kick into gear as they try to keep up with the endless litters kitten season brings. These efforts clearly come with a cost, which is why we at NamaSpay hope you'll join us to raise funds and awareness for this cause.

In honor of kitten season we partnered with Feline Foundation Group of Greater Washington (FFGW) and 405 Yoga to add some crucial cuteness to your day by hosting a kitten yoga class this past Sunday, June 30th. It was a great success, so much so that we plan on hosting many more in the future.

So keep a lookout for upcoming NamaSpay kitten yoga classes at a studio near you and make a difference for these kittens just by showing up to your mat!


Team NamaSpay

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