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For the Love of Farm Animals

This summer Gentle Acres Animal Haven will open its doors with the mission of providing a safe and loving home for animals who have been abused, abandoned, discarded, and have special needs. We have partnered with Gentle Acres in the founding of this haven and will be hosting NamaSpay events on the farm to continue raising awareness about and funds for spay/neuter efforts. Our purpose is to provide these sentient beings with shelter and protection so that they can live free from fear of cruelty and, instead, enjoy safe haven filled with comfort and kindness for the rest of their days. We are presently in the process of repairing our barn and will be ready to welcome animals once restoration is completed. We are beyond excited to continue our efforts within other areas of the animal welfare world and join the farm animal community. Please continue to follow us for updates on progress made and to join us when we finally open. Our hope is to host a yoga retreat this Fall with class held alongside our resident goats, pigs, chickens, etc... we can not wait!

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