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Goddess Carrie Bradshaw Strikes Again! Teacher Highlight - Kegan Smith

Updated: May 8, 2019

Kegan (they/them) was first inspired to try yoga by Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of Sex and the City. Kegan dabbled for years with yoga videos before their first class. Even with sporadic practice they felt socially isolated and physically disconnected from their body when they first came to the mat.

Kegan kept practicing yoga because it brought them joy. Over time they discovered a way to love their body and to begin healing the wounds of years of neglect, self harm and low self esteem. Kegan also found a community that embraced them in bigness, loudness, and never asked them to be less. 

In 2010 they completed their first teacher training as way to deepen their practice. During training they discovered a love for sharing the practice as a way to heal and realize their own whole-ness.

Kegan earned a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Health Promotion from American University. They studied health behaviors and why we make the health choices we do. Kegan is committed to making yoga accessible and helping students overcome barriers to their practice. Kegan also studies the philosophy of yoga and how it relates to modern life. Kegan is also a community partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition and is committed to making yoga accessible to all bodies.


Join Kegan in class this Sunday, March 31st at Dragon's Breath Yoga in honor of the NamaSpay movement.

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