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In Full Bloom

"Sometimes you need to step off the worn path, lay down with your eyes up to the blue sky, interlock your fingers behind your head and let the grace grow up around you." ~Leo Christopher

Spring is in full bloom. As Daphne and I enjoy our morning stroll she stops more frequently to take in the beginnings of the abundance the earth brings forth at this time of year, more attentive sniffing of the heightened smells that surround us.

With spring comes hope, with hope another opportunity to move forward with a vision to reach towards goodness and make change. Buddhism embraces spring as a time of renewal, growth, change and transformation, a time to blossom and attune our bodies and spirits to the promise of new beginnings. 

This month brings more opportunity with donation based classes. So join me on the mat to initiate the spark of change, compassion, and kindness towards all creatures great and small, and to welcome spring with open arms. xoxo Alexis, Founder NamaSpay

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