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Sarah & Eric Furrrever

Updated: May 8, 2019

Part of our goal here at NamaSpay is to cultivate a community of yoga teachers who not only honor the therapeutic benefits of a yoga practice but those provided by the furry creatures we bring into our homes and make a part of our family. Sarah, a fellow yogini and animal lover, embodies just that. She walks the gentle path of ahimsa, maintaining respect for all living creatures and working towards diminishing acts of violence in our community as part of her daily life path. So allow me to introduce you to fellow NamaSpay advocate and teacher Sarah Taylor, who shares a bit more about herself with you below.


Hello - I'm Sarah Taylor!

Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, I've been living in Washington, DC for the past five years working as a case manager and crisis advocate for victims of crime. When I'm not answering the call to action as a case worker, I'm answering the call of mind, body and spirit as a yoga teacher and animal lover who is nurtured daily by the company of her rescue pup. Yoga has become my retreat, my exercise, and my side hustle. I love creating and flowing sweaty and challenging sequences so when you take my class, you can expect to flow hard, listen to some fun music, and get in a good stretch. I did my 200-hour teacher training at 405 Yoga and I've since completed a trauma-informed yoga teacher course with Yogamour. I teach at 405 Yoga and have plans to offer trauma-sensitive yoga classes to the survivors of crime I work with. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and that it's a great way to celebrate what your body can do.  NamaSpay is an important cause to me as a die-hard dog person. I grew up with a Wheaten Terrier named Zoe.  In college, I was a dog-nanny for Odin the Great Dane and Mathilda the Goldendoodle and I worked as a dog walker when I first moved to DC. This past September, all of my dreams came true when my husband and I adopted Eric, a one year old mystery mutt. He's an absolute ham who wants to be in nearly constant contact with at least one of his humans. He's also quite the entertainer at the dog park - bouncy and playful and very clumsy he regularly flips over himself and others eventually face planting his way through the park. We couldn't be more thrilled to have provided him with his forever home! 

I'll be teaching a NamaSpay class at 405 on February 28th and hope to see you there! 


Sarah & Eric

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